Cilj predmeta je izdelava preglednega seminarja iz izbrane teme s področja računalništva in informatike. Študentje pri predmetu poslušajo vse predstavitve svojih kolegov ter se tudi na ta način seznanjajo z (bolj ali manj uspešnimi) tehnikami predstavitev. Pri tem spoznajo možna raziskovalna področja svojih kolegov in se seznanijo s temami s širšega področja računalništva in informatike. Obvezno redno obiskovanje tega predmeta oz. redno poslušanje seminarjev je tudi način gradnje pripadnosti študentov fakulteti ter sklepanja vezi med študijskimi kolegi.

In the course Seminar III students are requested to:

  • Prepare a 10 minute presentation of their research work.
  • Prepare the seminar – a related work document specific for their research work (refinement of Seminar I and Seminar II related works). The related work should be aligned with the planned topic of research work and forthcoming Ph.D. thesis.

Each presentation should include:
  • Introduction and overview of the field: Which lines of research do you address? What is the main scientific work in this field? What is the state of research in this area?
  • Identify the related work articles most relevant for your research.
  • Motivation: Why is this area interesting? What exactly is the topic of your research? Why is this important?
  • Methods: Which methods are you using? What have you researched so far? How can you verify and validate your work? Describe your results.
  • Discussion and conclusion: Have you compared your approach and results with other known research work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your approach?

Each student prepares its own presentation and seminar. He/she should:

  • Submit the research topic;
  • Prepare the related work review (approx. 5-10 pages);
  • Prepare and give an oral presentation.

Seminar V is intended for presentation of research performed by the student during the Ph.D. studies. The presentation's length should be 20 to 30 minutes. It should include the overview of the topic of the doctoral dissertation, the motivation for the work, and report on student's research and its results. It should emphasize the scientific contributions of the work. Presentation could be similar to the one that the student is preparing for the final defense. It could also include elements that won't be presented in the final defense but otherwise deserve mentioning or are interesting for the general audience.

The presentation should take place a few months prior to the foreseen final defense. At that stage, the candidate should already have formally approved topic of the thesis, has already performed the planned research of which the results have already been published or are accepted to publication in a relevant journal. The candidate has already started to write the dissertation or has submitted it to the committee.

We will invite all Ph.D. students and foreseen members of the thesis committee to the presentation. In case of several candidates submitting requests for their presentations in the same period of time, the Faculty will organize a corresponding event.

Seminar V is organized on request and does not have specific dates or deadlines. Candidates should submit their requests for a seminar at least one month prior to the requested presentation date. The request should be submitted to the Office of graduate studies (Študentska pisarna, Referent za doktorski študij) and should be addressed to the Ph.D. study coordinator (Vice Dean for Research). Office of graduate studies will then confirm the dates and organize the seminar.